Business Investigation

Business and Corporation Investigation

Legal Investigation

Emphasis Technography assists law firms with civil litigation and criminal defense investigations.  We work closely with the attorney-at-law to locate and interview witnesses, conduct site inspections, determine validity of facts, conduct scene reconstruction and analysis, and record and preserve demonstrative evidence.  We also investigate cyber activity and many other forms of activity to objectively look at the facts.   

Business Investigation

Emphasis Technography assist corporations and businesses with employee integrity investigation, executive level background investigation, internal and external theft and fraud investigation, security plan development and analysis, due diligence investigation, and brand reputation investigation.     

Workplace Investigation

Emphasis Technography provides expert, full service, independent fact-finding investigation and assessment of complaints or allegations made by or directed at employees and employers.

  • Our services are available to individuals, private employers, and state and local governments.
  • Our team is comprised of licensed private investigators, some of whom are former managers and human resource professionals, and a registered counselor. All have expertise in investigating a wide range of employee allegations including sexual harassment complaints.
  • We conduct all of our investigational interviews using a team of investigators to assure that all parties are comfortable during the interview and that all nuances of witness statements are heard and considered.
  • We provide a complete transcript of all interviews as a part of our investigative report.
  • We assess the information gathered in the interviews against company policy and employment laws if desired.
  • We prepare written reports of each investigation that contains just a summary of the facts or a summary of facts and conclusions. These reports are customized to meet management needs and presented in an oral debrief.
  • We will analyze organization policy and practices against currently accepted standards and recommend changes to align organization policy with industry standards.
  • We will analyze or develop training materials and conduct “train-the-trainer” workshops for management.

Insurance Investigation

Emphasis Technography has extensive experience assisting life and disability companies with the investigation with policy claim investigation, including:

  • Contestable death investigation
  • Suicide Investigation
  • Accidental death investigation
  • Foreign death confirmation
  • Scene reconstruction
  • Fraud investigation

Please browse our web site for further information about our broad range of comprehensive investigative services. If you have further questions or comments, please contact us by E-mail or call our 24 hour response center at 253-891-0776.

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